Gina DePaulo
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Why Do I Write?

It is a question I am often asked and my answer is simple: I am intrigued by the way people operate, for good or evil. The lengths someone will stubbornly travel a path of self-destruction fascinates me; and even more fascinating is the enduring and beautiful human spirit for survival, even triumph, against great odds, that others express.

Although "Unopened Doors" is a combination personal memoir and true crime story, I have a particular interest in Criminology. I studied criminal justice and forensics in college. I collaborated with defense attorneys, investigators, and a prosecutor observing criminal cases for my studies and writing, including a particularly harsh death penalty case. More recently, I worked with Paul Holes, Chief of Forensics for the large county of Contra Costa, California on unearthing the facts that fueled my own personal journey in Unopened Doors.

I have also been employed in the justice field: I was the Executive Director for a re-entry program for ex-offenders after incarceration. I later worked inside five California State Prisons leading workshops for inmates about to be released back into society.

Through work and study, I delved into a myriad of angles that comprise our complicated justice system. Even my family has been touched - my beloved uncle was a policeman who was killed in the line of duty; conversely a close family member was convicted of a crime and we endured a grueling trial experience.And of course, as I profiled in Unopened Doors, I have been a "victim" myself.

All of this experience has led me to this conclusion: When a crime is committed we are all victims. No one escapes the ugliness. Yet still, there are those who rise above it.

Currently I am living in northern California working on several true crime books, along with other exciting non-crime works. After writing for nearly two decades, I still hope to one day unravel the mystery of the human psyche. Indeed, that should keep me busy writing for a very long time...

Gina DePaulo