Gina DePaulo
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'UNOPENED DOORS: The True Story of Surviving a Killer' by Gina DePaulo

Sometimes forgiveness finds you in the most unexpected of ways. In my case, I reluctantly traveled through a mystifying dark tunnel of my past, opening long ago closed doors, until I finally found the one that led to forgiveness.

Would you take that journey? What do you think you would find? Did events unfold the way you remember? And are you sure you know who it is you really need to forgive? This is my true story.

Book Description

Author Gina DePaulo led a quiet, orderly life until a mugging concussion reignited vivid memory visions of an older, far more frightening, crime. Back in 1969, an unknown man abducted her, seemingly intending to kill her. With the help of renowned cold case investigator, Paul Holes, Gina hoped to discover the identity of the long-ago would-be killer. On the hunt for the mystery man, she traveled down a shadowy road full of past serial killers, inept detectives and girls gone mysteriously missing in the area of the old crime.

As each disturbing facet of the investigation was revealed, it generated not only more memories of the 1969 crime, but also persistent recollections of Gina's early family life as the sorrow, joys and secrets of her childhood spilled out. She soon sensed that her troubled home was somehow woven into the untangling and healing of the old crime. It became clear, despite the remarkable work of Paul Holes, it was still up to her alone to make sense of the disparate pieces and to finally open the long-hidden doors of her past.

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