Gina DePaulo
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As a naive nineteen year old, I impulsively traveled on my own to Kathmandu, Nepal to meet up with my boyfriend already living there. "The Nepal Story", a memoir, tells the true story of what I expected would be a short journey but instead turned into a nine-year odyssey of mystery, danger, heartbreak and love.

There were even moments of hilarity as I embraced Nepali, Tibetan and Indian cultures as my own: I became an accepted member of a Tibetan village, often living without electricity, a bathroom or running water. Trekking to a high Sherpa village to live with the people of the Himalayas, I struggled to acclimate until I was able to walk through the mountain passages native-style carrying only a Sherpa basket on my back in sandaled feet.

Traveling in India, I fell in love with the dance, which led me to Orissa, India where I studied Indian classical dance with a focused passion. I was one of the few foreign dancers to have performed Indian dance successfully to full houses on Indian and Nepali stages.

Living in this strange land, my life was rich and full. I lived with my American boyfriend, had two children born in Asia, separated from my first mate and married a Tibetan man.

In the midst of all this, during the 1970's the American Cold War with China created a backdrop of intrigue in Kathmandu. Due to Nepal's close proximity to China (through Tibet), the capitol was ripe with C.I.A. operations. Nepal in the 1970's had it all - C.I.A. Intrigue! Gurus! International Drug Smuggling! Tibetan Mysticism! This wild, rich tapestry was all crazily interwoven in my years in Nepal.

Status: In progress, near completion


A singular, focused will is often the trait of a person of high achievement. It can also be the trait of a murderer. In "Twisted Will", I spotlight a case where an exceptionally high achiever, a person who seemingly was on the path of success after years of dedicated hard work and ambition, threw it all recklessly away once their powerful will was diverted. Once on a sure path of success, they refocused their will on to a horrible road of destruction.

Status: Proposed for 2012


"Cold Case Warriors" is a true-crime book, profiling investigative cold case units. I interview in depth "cold" homicide detectives. Taking the reader behind the scenes, I paint a picture of the true nature of this specialized type of detective work. I also reveal what particular qualities these detectives possess - the emotional and mental traits that fuel their dedication, and how this work affects their professional and personal lives. I will answer exactly what it takes to become a cold case warrior, and what they must go through to finally close long ago, nearly forgotten homicide cases. I also reveal some of the detectives' most memorable and haunting cases.

Status: In progress